I am a Teacher

Post date: Apr 16, 2018 7:52:15 AM

by: Jessica A. Malicdem, T-III COBNHS

This is my story…

In teaching, I find that, the more I give the more there is in life to give. And the ones I give are just minutes compare to what I gain in return. What an irony! But true.

I give my time to guide, mold, nourish the mind, to fulfill my duties and my goals for the day. At times, though the dawn already unfolds the bliss of the new day, my body still clamors unwilling to surrender the luxury and comfort of the home wishfully bargaining for another five-minute leeway, but I have to succumb to the call of duty. And so timid limbs go a skimping, rushing, from here to there preparing, getting ready for the day for whatever it may take. What do I get in return? The humor of the adrenaline rush! I count it a blessing to have reasons to burn my energy into something of purpose, to have the real drive to go out of my comfort zone, my usual shell and celebrate life outside with people entrusted to my care. Renewed strength and sustained hope that along the way and in the process I may be of importance to my students’ lives.

I never dreamed of becoming a teacher before, but fate has always turned me to be one. It’s maybe because of the influences of the former teachers and people I’ve been with and lucky to have in my life. They’re the driving force to what I’ve become.

While there are outright perks and privileges teaching can give, it is a long term investment. Results? That, I do not know I might get bored in the long run. Wrong thought. Time’s too swift for those who rejoice! Time flies. Before I knew it, I already spent decades of my life in the field… and I’m glad I made the right choice. Combining all the dictums of all professions of the world, I found it not rewarding. So back to education I went. And there, I found home. From the humdrum of my cold office corners, to now warm, searching classrooms whose products, alive and kicking.

To be able to give, it is but imperative on my part to have thorough knowledge of the school curriculum and other standards I must uphold in the classroom, and ensure my teachings meet those standards. I must always fill my buckets of knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject matter, prepare my instructional materials appropriate to the needs of my students. To support this, I have to set effective discipline and management skills to promote positive behavior and change in students’ work habits to form values. I set high expectations of these individuals so I encourage them to always work at their best level. And what do I gain? A heap of knowledge I may have neglected or never cared to acquire had I not been a teacher!

Truly indeed, it is in giving a part of ourselves that we receive…