I’ll see you in September

Post date: Mar 28, 2014 1:12:28 AM

By: Mr. Renato T. Yuzon, Supply Officer II

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education has been proven to be a prerequisite for the harmonious functioning of any society. Having a quality education increases the amount of human capital in the country. By this, Philippines are planning to adjust and to shift to international calendar in order to align them with foreign counterparts.

Most universities in the world begin the school year in August, September, or October, while the Philippines have stuck to its June-March calendar. But Commission on Higher Education Chair Patricia Licuanan would carefully study the proposal to determine its impact and implication on the wider education system in the Philippines.

Also, the Department of Education is still reviewing with this kind of proposal. Elementary and High School students are not inclined to change the academic calendar. The effect of these changes is still taking for consideration. The advantages and disadvantages of this proposition are being weighed for its overall effect in the education system in the Philippines.

First, if this idea will take effect, students will have no worries for a sudden suspension of classes due to heavy rainfall and flooding. Rainy days in the Philippines usually start at June which is the start of the school’s academic calendar. Specifically, the number of class hours has usually been reduced due to the bad weather in the month of June. Secondly, synchronization of academic schedule will take effect considering that we are begun to shift to international calendar. It will help us establish linkages in academic institution abroad. Also, it will engage more international students to study in the Philippines without adjusting too much because it’s already been proportion. Globalization and Synchronization is the key factor to make this ideas put into reality. However, we can’t deny the fact that this idea is also having disadvantages. We are normally line up to start the school year every June. Adjustments are the only thing that can hinder this scheme.

This action point needs a thorough and careful study before it takes effect. Whatever happens in the future, one thing still remain that this proposal main objective is to improve education system in the Philippines. Quality education is a reliable indicator in achieving and reaching goal of every country.