Post date: Jan 5, 2016 1:32:59 AM



It was dark. Pitch dark. And the blackness grew deeper as the wind started to howl. Soon, the rain began to pour down in torrents. And then lightning flashed sharply as thunder roared wildly.

The road was now deserted. In the distance souls were crying. I can identify one, in the old house. It was a soul I was familiar with. Broken spirit. Broken heart. Shattered life.

The house was in total darkness. Not a flinch of light. She was in the corner, crouching. Very much afraid and hopeless. She started talking about her lost dreams. She cried hard. All these years, she’d seen more sunsets than sunrises.

Outside, the storm raged angrily lashing at everything it passed by. The lightning burned almost all that it struck. The thunder’s roar reached the high heavens and frightened even those with the bravest of hearts. The wind uprooted even the strongest of trees.

She remembered that once, she saw a light and that he followed that light for a long time. Nothing preoccupied her thought except that light. Until one day, it faded out and then was gone. And everything and everyone was gone. Life has knocked her down. It has shown her things she never wanted to see. Sadness and failures seemed to be her closest friend. Until she found herself falling into an abyss. She lost her soul and all that she had.

The storm continued for a long time. It devastated lives and properties.

She wept hard. She asked for help. SOMEBODY aside from me heard her pleas. HE whose heart is so generous and magnanimous. HE who listens to both sinners and saint. HE who listens even to the faintest prayer uttered. HE who gives chance to everybody for when he died on the CROSS, HE has already given us all the chances. And He gives us one of the most important gift of all- the gift of choice.

Slowly the wind calmed down. The storm stopped. There was complete silence.

She stood up and open the windows. A breath of fresh wind gushed forth. A ray of light entered. Once again, she saw the beauty of everything around her.