Hope of a Teacher’s Heart

Post date: Nov 9, 2017 7:20:53 AM



How do I feel right now? I don’t know. A little tingle here, a little tickle there. A drop of sunshine that warms my heart. A gush of wind that brushes my hair. The smell of grass that refreshes my mood. You always make me feel brand new. You always give me reasons to give it a bit more kick. Your smile leaves me melting like chocolate on your hand. Your helplessness makes me want to be better and better for me to become your super hero. Your tears and hunger tease me to be like Robin Hood. I can’t take it seeing you in the midst of your struggles. These are the times that I wish I could be a god, a sorcerer or your fairy godmother who can grant your every wish.

I wish I could do something all the time, but no. I am just me, your teacher. I see you every day, and when I don’t, I visit your home to see if you’re ok. I study even more to improve and give you the things that you need to equip you for what’s to come, to make your future a lot better than your today. I discipline you to never become a liability to the society. I want you to reach not only your goals but your fullest potentials and be of benefit to others, be a reliable and responsible part of this world and help make it a better place if not the best. I do apologize if I am not perfect, if I am giving you a hard time every now and then. It’s just to push you to not stay conventional but one of the bests. I am sorry too if I make mistakes. Like you, I am also human. A human with a heart to be your teacher who wants only the paramount for you. I pray for you and ask God for His wisdom and guidance in my everyday moment with you that it be fruitful always bringing you one step closer to being the greatest you.

I want you to soar high above the clouds, bring joy to everyone you meet, bring a solution to any problem and give it all to God who is your greatest teacher. Make Him proud that all His plans will be done in your life. I only hope that you’ll remember, remember that once in your life there was someone who only wanted to make a change in your life, and she did.