Graduation Lesson

Post date: Apr 10, 2017 1:31:46 AM

By: Racy V. Troy

Summer air. The nostalgia-inducing summer air. Telling me that the time has already come.

Smiling, my heart beaming with pride, I look back at the memories we have shared. Soon, we will finally part ways and start a new journey. I will surely miss those times we laughed and cried, and the times I made mistakes that shaped the person I am today. I always know you are special, also exceptional. You guide us in times of despair and loneliness that we may not stray from our dreams. You believe in me despite my failures and setbacks. You trust not only me but the rest of us that we can achieve what we envision. I am sorry for the problems I have given you. My personal issues and affairs that almost hindered me to accept your guidance. I always thought that I can do things by myself. My mind often screams “I don’t need this from you”, but I was wrong. You open my mind to the wonders of education where: Math is not only a number but a way to understand and solve complicated matters, English is not merely a couple of words but also emotion and expression, Social Studies is not only about the society but how everyone has a role in creating splendid history for the future generations and Science is not just innovations and discoveries but it’s all about life and how we are a part of it.

Now, as I stand before you, teary-eyed nevertheless proud… I want to thank you for this gift of not just my education but the many opportunities you open up for me. You have become my second parent the moment you impart your knowledge and love with all of us. You will always be my mentor, my friend, my parent… keep on inspiring others especially those most in need. May you remain the hope-giving light to everyone. As I receive my diploma, let me thank you once more for believing in me, and thank God for sending His guidance and blessings thru you.