Fruits of My Conviction

Post date: Jul 4, 2018 2:50:09 AM


“Happiness is contentment,” my personal motto in life that keeps me going. I’m happy and contented with what I have today. All were the fruit of my labor, counting what I have. I am Mr. ROYLAN T. DELA CRUZ, born on the 19th day of September, 1976 in Abucay, Bataan where I spent my childhood. Presently, I’m a Head Teacher of the subject Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (EsP) (Values Education way back) at City of Balanga National High School, City of Balanga, Bataan. Presently, I’m residing at Mt. Samat Drive, Diwa, Pilar, Bataan.

Before I became a teacher, I went into the rough road of my life. I had to surface lots of life’s hindrances. First, I’m a person with disability. I’m crippled. I suffer polio. I cannot walk without a cane and it is almost difficult for me to move around. But even if I’m crippled, I don’t feel self-.pity this is because of my family support, especially my Grandmother who taught me to accept myself as normal as other children and treated me the same treatment as the people without diability. I remember her always telling me “Kung di mo kayang tanggapin ang iyong sarili, lalong di ka tatanggapin ng iba.” This words becomes my armor to have a positive life disposition. They taught me to have the courage to face whatever challenges in life I may face.

My childhood memory is very happy. I did not experience to be bullied by my peers, instead, I’m the one who bullied them.

I lived with my grandparents who gave me all I needed and asked even to the point things are not needed just to make me happy. World turned around when my grandmother died. I experienced pain. The second trial of my life is when I had to live with my mother who had nothing at all. I could have all what I wanted, then suddenly, I had nothing.

Along with living in poverty is the fact that I’m one of the products of broken home. My parents were separated, and my mother had no permanent income. She was a seasonal rice field worker. A simple life that I experienced almost nothing to eat, but she taught me how to leave alone, the independent living. She taught me how to cook food, wash clothes and fix myself. This was done with reminder telling me, “Paano ka mabubuhay kapag patay na kami kung di ka marunong magluto? Mamatay ka sa gutom, kaya dapat kang matuto.”

The third trial of my life happened when I finished my elementary. It was at this point of my life when I could imagine I would experience. I was bullied by a person with a higher degree and older than me.

It happened before graduation day came just when everyone arounf me was expecting an award because I emerged victorious in the contest I joined but I was dismayed my Teacher told me that he would not give my award because I was poor and would not have a chance to continue my studies. So, it would be better to give the honor slot to my classmate who could be sent to school.

I cried a lot and I was upset for he destroyed my future and deprived me of my chance to finish my studies. Hence this painful experience did not hinder me from pursuing my dream. It inspired me more to do more. I stopped for one year but God is good. He had allowed me to go back to high school. I became a Class President for four years and a year level Governor when I was in the fourth year. I exerted so much effort to prove my detractors that despite my physical and financial flaws, I would still become the person that God plans for me. Most of my classmates were rich. They belonged to rich and famous families yet, I never felt left behind.

After I finished my High School, I went to the house of my elementary teacher who said that I won’t continue schooling because of poverty. I said to him, “Paano ‘yan Sir, nakatapos na ako ng “High School”, sabi mo hindi ako makapag-aaral.”

I pursued my College Education even if I didn’t have any assurance that I can finish it. I took an entrance exam at Bataan Peninsula State University Balanga Campus (Bataan Colleges then) where I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education. They didn’t accept me right away because I’m crippled. They accepted me as provisional student because of my persistence.

It is true that my mother had no capacity to send me into college. So I decided to ask help from other person. First person I asked help is the Vice Mayor of Pilar, father of my classmate. Vice Mayor Elmer Limcumpao who helped me to get a Scholarship. Second person I asked is my Godfather in Abucay, Bataan. Ninong Boy Ganzon who gave me Php200.00 allowance per month. And the third person is a family friend, owner of Balanga Cockpit Arena. He is Jun Herera who gave financial support every time I needed money especially during research and doing reports. I also accepted doing term papers in exchange of payment.

When I finished College, I went to the house of my elementary teacher who said I won’t continue schooling because of poverty. I said to him, “Paano yan Sir, nakatapos na ako sa College, ‘yung ipinalit mo sa akin, di naman nakatapos ng pag-aaral.” Until I took and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers” (LET), my elementary teacher who told me of words I could not forget is the first to know the good news.

Year 2006 I first practice my teaching profession at Bataan National High School as Job Order Teacher until I became a Contractual Teacher on November 2006. June 10, 2008 I became permanent teacher and got the Teacher III item last March 26, 2012. February 15, 2016, I gained the promotion as Head Teacher I at City of Balanga National High School (COBNHS).

During this period, I earned several certificates of commendation such as Certificate of Commendation” at Baguio City for Honesty, Certificate of Commendation from Provincial Tourism Office for my contribution as Cultural Mapper, Gawad Arellano as Outstanding Teacher at Bataan National High School and Dakilang Guro from City Division of Balanga and Provincial Governor of Bataan.

Despite of my sad and painful experience in life, I remained positive. There have been numerous blessings that helped me to become who I am today. God still showed me his mercy and grace.

A quotation said, If there is a will, there is a way. Prayers with hard work on what you desire, is a sure victory. It is in God’s right time