Four Mentors Sign Up For IIE

Post date: Oct 1, 2010 2:29:13 AM

Written by Marlyn B. Gerio

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

CITY Of BALANGA-Four teachers of the Division of City of Balanga signed up for Inquirer in Education for this school year’s, ”The legend of the Pony”. Elena Banzon of Cabog-Cabog Elementary School, Brenda Gaddi and Marlyn Gerio of Balanga Elementary School and Melinda Mendoza of Cupang Elementary School.

Each of their pupils has a copy of the newspapers for free sponsored by Bench for 12 consecutive Mondays. The serialized story is taught every Wednesday by the PDI partner-teachers in their respective classes.

Ma’am Chelo Banal-Formoso, the Learning Section Editor of PDI, conducted a workshop last August 4 at the PDI main office in Makati City for all the chosen partner- teachers all over Luzon for this year’s story. She shared the many ways in using the newspapers in the classroom especially in the English classes.

The serialized story is well-monitored by the Learning Section Staff and will soon visit the three cooperating schools here in Balanga come October6. The four partner-teachers will be observed on how they are teaching the serialized story in their classes.

Debriefing will be done after the 12-day series of the story in the main office again.