Post date: Oct 13, 2014 8:06:56 AM

By: Nicolette F. Alarcon - BNHS

FACEBOOK, a single word that has a great impact on all of us. If we will introspect the two words that comprise this word, we shall have the word “Face” and the word “Book.” Face for it deals with the connection, interdependency and interaction of different people and Book because this application allows us to share pages of our lives as it happens every day.

The application was made out of good intention. It was made to connect lives of people, to make a person more open to socialization, to inspire and sometime to look for long lost love ones. It also allows an individual to find a partner in life if he or she is that lucky. As for teachers, this application is also used in improving one’s connection to students and most importantly makes the learning and teaching process interactive. Interactive in a way that it could be use in giving assignments, reviewing lessons and the learning process per se and for students blogging and expressing ,sharing announcements, lists of files yet still using the fundamentals of the lessons within the school. But as times goes by, it sometimes disregards its purpose. Anything used abusively will diminish its worth and role. People today use the application in criticizing other people. Discrimination comes in every click and posts. People tend to forget the real worth of words spoken or in this case type written. Tags and malicious videos are found to increase the prolonged bad vibes and agony brought to each other’s lives.

With this reality, what should one realize? If you were to choose between using facebook and not using it, what will you choose? For me, as Spiderman, Peter Parker said, “Great powers come with great responsibility.” Having the choice to use this application that was created from good and has the power to praise to condemn an individual’s dignity must be used with high morale of responsibility. Responsibility of choosing what words will you use or posts in your status and most important to others’ walls. An individual must always put his or her shoes to other people first or must look to himself in the mirror, reflect before saying or posting something against one’s dignity.

We must always remember to love all of the people around us even our enemies, don’t be like a fool that lets the outburst of emotions to ruin himself but instead a wise man that knows how to control ,weigh things first and decide if he has chosen the right choice of words to post. One good way of choosing is to use the application educationally. Be a 21st century teacher that is updated and wise enough to connect to students in a modern approach and produce an equipped and holistically developed individual, competitive enough to excel. As the saying goes, “Think before you click.” Mean it. Be responsible for it. And use the application from where it was made of, out of good intention. As I see it? FACEBOOK must be praised and the people who used them improperly must be condemned.