“Eyes in Dengue”

By Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

Teacher I - COBNHS,

Date posted: Nov. 23, 2018

One of the issues that needs an immediate attention is the campaign of killing the Dengue cases in our community. The Department of Health in collaboration with the Department of Education aims to protect each student from the danger of Dengue brought by the mosquito Aedes Aegpti which is the carrier of the disease.

Over the years there have been reports about Dengue cases that alarm the community about its threat to everyone. In Health Education it is strongly promoted to mitigate the threat of Dengue viral diseases in our community. Proper monitoring and control is important in the outbreak of the existing disease. Educators both public and private sector works hand in hand with the Health Personnel to promote proper dissemination of information to each individual in preventing and controlling Dengue cases. Some of the activities being conducted are symposia, seminars, pamphlet distributions and a lot more. One of the outstanding tools that is being used to increase awareness about Dengue is the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is believed the millennials are more responsive to this tools and they are active in participating to the plea of the DOH and DepEd in protecting and preserving life of each student.

The virus can be transmitted to humans through the bite of a female mosquito. Usually the Dengue mosquitoes live in man-made containers. The City Health Office in Balanga City Bataan coordinated with the Department of Education Balanga Division to ensure the safety of the students in each School. Part of the program initiated is to scan each schools and make sure there are no source of mosquitoes. It was a bridge for the Health workers and to the Teachers to meet halfway in protecting the students from the threat of Dengue.

Part of the precautionary measures are as follows. Preventing the mosquitoes from laying eggs and finding a habitat in the environment. Disposing stagnant water in unused containers or garbages. Covering and emptying water containers on a weekly basis are necessary. It is also recommended to apply the appropriate insecticides to complete the precautionary measures by the DOH and DepEd. Active monitoring and proper surveillance of vectors should be carried out to determine effectiveness and enhance the control of interventions. In the promotion of the said activities it is hope that it will be participated by every individual since everyone will benefit out of it.

Everyone not only in school level has the responsibility to be a part of the dissemination of information about Dengue. Life is a gift from above and each individual has the power to protect and preserve life through proper education and coordination with each other. As each individual takes responsibility. Safety is ensured in every places.