Post date: Feb 12, 2014 6:43:52 AM

By: Cheryl M. Tallorin

In any organization human resource competence is a vital element. Success of any group or organization lies in competence and ethical excellence of the existing people. No modern technology can replace the skill and expertise afforded by trained and able people. It can only make work easier and faster. It is the human touch and passion that can do the job better, Our office, the Division of Balanga City has a complex responsibility with a great array of services to its clientele who are working under a challenging environment hence the call of ethical service is a mandate. We believe that we have an arduous task of ensuring our teachers and employees that we remain dedicated and be a professionally capable work force.

It is an enormous effort of the office to lay down our rules or standard operating procedures which are in accordance to civil service and constitution so as to serve our clientele in the most human approach possible. We feel that a strong partnership with honesty and respect for one another should be built with our stakeholders and clientele. Training and Seminars are made available concerning gender sensitivity to promote equality and excellence. There should be no discrimination which can distress our employees. Let us embody such ideas of ethics, excellence and empowered employees of DepED Balanga City.