Enhancing Math Skills through Computer Literacy

Post date: Nov 15, 2011 2:01:43 AM

By: Ms. Yolanda Pruna

Information explosion has brought tremendous developments in literacy and we must be clever in using it to our advantage and one sure way is to use it to improve our class standing through computer literacy.

Mathematics is a skill subject. It needs constant practice to achieve mastery and computer literacy is a panacea to this problem.

Nowadays, if we will inculcate the value of discipline to our pupils and encourage them to use their computer knowledge and skills in improving their academic standing instead of playing games like DOTA and others that hook you till you are addicted. I suppose you need to spend more time in your studies using your computer prowess.

There are lots of practice exercises available to enhance Math skills in the internet from simple to complex problems and mind you,even the methods in answering them are already provided you just need to be very patient in searching and uploading them.

You must search and click only those topics which you think will help you a lot in improving your math skills. There are learning packages available that will help you a lot.

The next time you click your desk top,tablet and notebook, make sure you are enhancing your math skills.