Enhancing Computer Literacy

Post date: Jun 21, 2017 1:25:02 AM

by: Sarah Jenn R. San Blas

Today, computers play a big role in education especially in developing countries like the Philippines. Computer has a capability for administrative and managerial users namely recording grades, paying school fees and others, as well as for teaching purposes. Moreover, it has given way to the development of multimedia which is creating an exciting and very real interactive learning environment for young learners like students. With computers and Internet technologies in particular, more people can now have access to more information quickly than ever before. Being computer literate gives the learner an opportunity to excel in rapidly changing environment in technology.

In the Philippines, the K-to-12 program of Department of Education was fully implemented this school year 2016-2017. Computer literacy is one of the skills based being facilitated by the DepEd. Specialization such as Computer Hardware Servicing. Animation among others are being studied by grade 11 students.

Despite that students were given enough time and even guided to their chosen field, Educational technology is not enough and never will become a transformative on its own. It requires teachers who can integrate technology into the curriculum and use it to improve students learning. Since, teachers are the keys to how technology is used appropriately and effectively.

In able to enhance computer literacy, teachers must be knowledgeable about Educational Technology. It requires teachers to integrate the technology to aid into the development of curriculum, learning process and methods of the studies. Teachers are the keys how the technology is used appropriately and effectively. The students from both genders were given equal opportunity to learn about computer literacy course. And the individual skills are given time for mastery to ensure the learners to develop appropriate technological based skills.

In grade 11 of senior high school, students are expected to perform according to what they have learned in a particular learning discipline. The skills on computer literacy is being rated based on output of the learners. It is a necessary aspect of learning that enables the learners to possess skills towards 21st century as part of global competition in continuous evolvement of technology. Senior high school students particularly grade 11 must have the ability to adapt the fast changing technology of their generation to be able to compete in the emerging industries of 21st century.