Eight is better than twelve: An upheaval to perk up Productivity

Post date: Mar 28, 2014 1:16:16 AM

By: Mr. Renato T. Yuzon, Supply Officer II

“The art of doing nothing is something”. By Anna Quindlen

Nowadays, it is very hard to branch off our attachment to work. Filipinos are very eager to go to work to retain the job. We are known for being assiduous all over the world. It is steadily laborious for people to take real time off. Day off is very important to each one of us to have a quality time to loosen up and become more productive to our work.

Specifically, The Department of Education City of Balanga has four watchmen who safeguard the security, peace and orderliness of the division premises and personnel anytime of the day. Also, these personnel give their assistance to other tasks that they may be requested without leaving their main responsibilities. No need to mention, but watchmen plays a key role in promoting education as they assure safety of the people who mainly serve the public and the security of the division’s properties.

Department of Education City of Balanga has two watchmen who are scheduled to guard the Office within twelve hours and another pair of watchmen that is scheduled for another twelve hours of the day. It makes two pairs of watchmen every twelve hours without any rest day or day-off for any of them.

Beforehand, the four watchmen had been assigned to duties in pairs. Moreover, they had not been given any rest day or day-off from their duties of safeguarding the security, safety and orderliness in the Division Office. Every day, they are required to go to the Office for their scheduled tasks.

With the objective of giving these watchmen more time to rest that will lead them to efficiently and effectively safeguard Division Office’s security, each personnel will be given 8 hours of duty per day instead of 12 hours. They will also be having their day off.

Rest-day/day-off is a good way to recharge ourselves from working so hard from the office. It may be expended through having quality time with the family, working extra for additional income, or just relaxing themselves away from work to avoid burnout. Clearing your mind is not only good for reducing all the stress that you accumulate during everyday life, but it is also useful in terms of taking a step back and re-assessing what you are doing and what direction you are undertaking.