Education’s Finest or Final Line?

Post date: Dec 15, 2014 1:52:25 AM


Education being the way it is believed to be, being the way it is, I haven’t had a chance to have one.

Every night, I imagined myself in the middle of the street, standing. Tons of people were coming along my way, all searching for their fortune. But me, I’m not searching for one, in fact, I found it because I attained the highest degree in my education. Yet, this is not the truth.

Inability to write my own name, hard time in solving math problems and most of all can’t read even the simplest words. Foolish as I might be but I know this is who I am. I am one of those who were unfortunate to take their foot inside a classroom, to hold a pen and write in a clean sheet of paper and to listen in the endless lessons that might be useful in the future. And yes, I am one of those who are considered part of the greatest problem in our society – Poverty.

There’s a fine line between poverty and education. If you are poor, you can’t afford to be educated, not because of expensive fees needed in school but because of the mentality that instead of wasting time inside the classroom, why not earn money outside? Sure, poverty is not a great excuse for not having education, but the person itself. Their dramas on how hard their life was, their never-ending problems about everything and their great desperation to ease poverty were the reasons why education was taken aside.

Nevertheless, thinking about this is like saving an endless mind game where lives were the pieces. It’s like looking for a solution about a problem passed by generations. Trapped in each other’s weaknesses and thoughts about life, it was indeed the hardest.

These people were taking the shortcut to success, not knowing that this is not the way it looks like. Beyond the shortcuts are endless hardships to be successful. There were many speed bumps in the fast-rising thoughts to success. There were double ups and downs that might result to giving up and contentment on the things they have.

Hence, this situation about education is not a problem to be solved by everyone. No one needs other people to have it, instead, he who has greater chance of striving should have his own strength in taking the longest way. It might need some time to success, but in the end it will be worthy to look at it. No more speed bumps, ups and downs and trials because upon taking the longest road, we also take the hardest trials.