Post date: Feb 12, 2014 6:41:38 AM

By: Cheryl M. Tallorin

Getting the best education for Balangueños seems a trend. A lot of people are trying to pursue an education for a better future. Children of all ages are on the streets scampering for a ride to school which gives me an idea that all of us are in search of knowledge. To me, education is preparing us for a life ahead. It is learning to know, to do and to feel what we can share to others. When we become professionals we don’t stop there. We still seek higher level of education, masteral or doctoral degree.

At present, teachers, school administrators and non teaching personnel of our division drive themselves to pursue whatever dreams they wanted to attain through education. More importantly the inspiring mission and vision of the City Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III, to become a University Town by 2020 makes the populace want to be professionally adept in skills and knowledge that can provide them monetary rewards, high paying jobs, status and career.

In this connection, I realize it is a great responsibility in my job to prepare the payroll of salaries and benefits of our employees as early as I can so that they will have lesser burden in their postgraduate studies in terms of finances. I join them in their quest that is why I have passion in my job to help and not to be a hindrance in their financial obligation as a student of higher level of learnings. I truly believe that Education is wealth that no one can ever take away from a person. Given the opportunity to be of help to people who seek education for the betterment of their lives is truly worth doing.