Economics of Teachers

Post date: Mar 29, 2017 9:03:02 AM

By: Joelie Paguio Cruz, BNHS T-III

We are so affected by the status of our economy. In fact, I tried to relate that to the field of teaching for a teacher also has its own economic status.

First, if you are a teacher, you must know your shares. You have to keep in mind that you have duties and responsibilities to attend. In cognizance to this, you have to set high demands to yourself. You must aim high and continuously improve yourself in order to provide quality service to your consumers: the students. You can do that by identifying first your inferior goods. Knowing what your weaknesses are is the first step in polishing oneself. Also, you must supply plenty of time, energy, effort, and support to enhance the skills, potentials, and abilities of the students since they are your greatest capital. They are your assets. Their performances serve as your reflection too. Hence, you must invest in them through giving them quality education. However, there might also come a time that you would experience and face depression especially when the students did not reach the expected goal. Nonetheless, you should not lose hope for there will always be an invisible hand that will make everything right. Thus, you must not hold grudges or hard feelings toward your students. Do not take things personally. They are still young. They are not yet fully aware of what they are doing. So, give them the best service before the tender period arrives where your time together is about to expire.

Our economy is as unpredictable as our profession and we must have our bonus shares where we do not expect anything in return.