Post date: Nov 12, 2011 12:38:35 PM

By: Ms. Yolanda Pruna

Most kids are afraid of Mathematics. The reasons are a bit arbitrary because it is supposed to be the most liked academic subject simply because it doesn't require memorization nor big and thick books to decipher. You just have to learn the patterns and sequences and ALAS! ... you'll be able to answer the problems or equations. Therefore, it is a skill that requires constant practice.

Why do kids hate Math? It is because of faulty method of instruction that makes the learners bored and the process of learning rote. As Math teachers, we are responsible for this crime committed against our pupils. We must find ways on how we can make mathematics a fun and enjoyable subject area; We do need to keep pace with the number skill where our pupils are, the movement must be slow until mastery is insured; If language will become a barrier in understanding it better, we must be ready to translate the problem in the language they know and lead them to analysis and critical thinking; Real subjects must supplement the textbook instruction; praises and rewards must be given to boost our pupils’ confidence and thus, lower the anxiety level and lastly, we teachers should always reflect on the strategies we are using whether we are effective in our approach or not and try to improve our instruction so that the agony of our pupils will not be perpetuated.

Let us work together to avoid dyscalculia or number phobia among our pupils. If the educators will internalize and practice the principles of learning, then, there will be less intimidated pupils around.