Dichotomy of Leadership

Post date: Mar 18, 2014 5:28:45 AM



Leadership has two different schemes. I just discovered it when I became one. Being the president of the Balanga Public School Teachers and Employees’ Association isn’t a joke. I made series of eurekas as I run the position. Indeed, it is zapping my energy to critical level.

The problems seem so huge and superfluous yet the solutions are so thin but God has his own way of blessing me to passionately serve my fellow teachers who rely on my leadership.

What cringes my neck is the financial problems of my colleagues and friends. How I wish I could win the jackpot prize of the Lottery so, I could just put an end to their miseries. Hence, I have been trying to help them in the simplest ways I can. Sometimes, I do need to talk to our top brass leaders only to allow them to grant bigger Provident loans so, they can pay out their other loans. Whatever financial assistance we can bestow to our members, we quickly give. We advance payments due them even if it means draining our accounts.

During special occasions, I and my co-officers usually set a date with our city mayor to discuss some matters that will make the teachers happy. Recently, we conducted the Lakbay Aral and Year-End Recollection which were both sponsored by the city government. Specifically, Manila Ocean Park, SM Aura and Mind Museum where the teacher-officers of the 18 public elementary schools and school heads satiated their science knowledge. It was an all expense-paid trip yet, there were people who didn’t join us despite our ardent invitation.

We had our Year- End Recollection at Louis Bar and Restaurant. Fr. Reggie facilitated the recollection. It was an energy-filling day as what the teachers and school heads said. They were driven to work harder for the good of others because God is the Supreme Being who gives rewards to those who patiently wait and strive harder to be a blessing to others.

I have to extend my leadership prowess to my fellow officers who serve as the strongest wind beneath my wings. They are also the active “brains” in all our endeavors. Mr. Rodel Bugay, the Vice President, Mrs. Marlyn B. Gerio, the Secretary, Mrs. Brenda Gaddi, the Treasurer, Ms. Cherrylyn D. Roque, the Auditor and Mr. Dodgie Espanola, the Public Officer.

Despite our wholehearted service, we are not free from the taint of doubts from others who are skeptical in everything. Yet, we stand firmly. For as long as we are supported by the teachers who appreciated our efforts in bringing them better services, we will continue to hold high the flag that will unify the two districts of our division.