Describing a Color to a Blind SPED Student

Post date: Nov 9, 2017 7:18:14 AM




I once wondered how a blind student feels about not seeing the world. I sometimes even think that at their young age, they are lucky they don’t get to see how ugly the world is. Seeing street children trying to survive without anything in their stomach when they go to sleep at night; encountering prostitutes, criminals, thieves and other bad elements; people trying to escape poverty in any way they can; having to put up with the government that always forgets the words promises, dignity, honesty and unselfishness; these, among other things make this thing called world of us a pain in the ass. How lucky could one get not to see all of those! However, come to think of it, they are unfortunate to feel how ugly life is. Since they see using their hearts not with their eyes, they feel everything that surrounds them. They may not see what is happening but they feel the pain and joy of the people they come to meet and be with... blind and blue

Maybe sometimes that is when a blind student feels BLUE.

I was with a SPED student who was blind and it seemed to me that she was feeling sad that time. I did not know why she felt that way but I just wanted to make her feel better so I asked her, “Do you want me to describe to you the color blue?” She eventually said “Ok”, so I started talking about the time when we went to the beach last summer.

Blue is like the wind that touched her face as we were facing the sea, the feeling of the saltwater where we soaked our feet in and the sound of the waves with all the birds flying by. It is that calmness and comfort that she felt then is best way that she can picture the color BLUE. It’s like the life that we can get with the presence of the Lord in our hearts and our lives... So peaceful and assuring... No worries nor pain... Full of joy and rest... For our God is full of mercy and love... No time to be blue because everything is BLUE. Life may not be that easy for most of us, especially our SPED students. However, we should not let them hate their situations. We should encourage and help them see the beauty of life, that not being able to see the colors doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and have a wonderful journey.