Post date: Jan 15, 2014 11:28:35 AM

by: Dr. Merlinda T. Tablan, EPS-I

The Department of Education is giving its best to make Computerization Program one of the most functional, if not the greatest program, being implemented at present. The times call for education to aim towards advancement of technology. This can only happen with the installation and use of computers and other equipments which call forth for modern technology and advance learning. The DepED has been capitalizing on computerization program through the various projects like installation of E-classrooms, the introduction of websites wherein educational resources can be downloaded, ICT trainings and seminars, the integration of computer lessons in some subject areas, and competitions which call forth the application of knowledge and skills in the use of computers.

Balanga City is truly remarkable in terms of computerization program because the move to succeed in said endeavor is pursued not only by the city division but strongly supported by the city government headed by Hon. Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia. Being an expert in Information and Technology he dreams of having a world class university town which is technologically advance. He started the series of trainings for teachers and administrators making most of them computer literate, provided subsidy and financial assistance for the purchase of laptop computers, sought sponsors to provide free computer units to many of the public schools in Balanga, worked on internet connectivity and recently working on the plan to pilot big schools with free laptop computer units installed with computer aided lessons and references for pupil consumption.

The city division is one of the divisions with functional website which has been continuously upgrading through the initiative of Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon, Schools Division Superintendent, the joint effort of the supervisors, administrators and school coordinators. Teachers are likewise doing their part to contribute to the site.

Despite all the computer hard ware and soft ware, no advancement in technology will happen if the users will not be able to use it properly. Teachers must maximize computer-aided instruction with the end in mind of making their learners not only computer literate but making education worthwhile through COMPUTERS.