DepEd Balanga City prepares for the big day

Post date: Apr 1, 2011 7:43:47 AM

By: Rubila Nuñez

BES Teacher

The Division of Balanga City through the help of the city engineers and GSO( General Services Office) secures the welfare of the pupils in various city schools. They constantly check the school building and repair possible wreckage just in case strong earthquake occurs.

The school administrators tied up with the city’s Disaster Coordinating Team in conducting series of earthquake drills. This helps in educating the children on what to do just in case the big day happens. The principals also assigned teachers and janitors who can handle important tasks like medical, rescue and ringer/watchmen.

The principals and the disaster coordinating team leaders also designated clear and open area for each grade level where the pupils and teachers can stay.

“Nobody can ever tell how strong and how deep it may be when the earthquake occurs but the most important thing is we know what to do in case it happens to lessen the number of casualties and the severity of injuries. Alertness is often the key,” says Mr. Jessie D. Ferrer, the schools superintendent of the Division of Balanga City.