Dep-Ed Employee: A Need for Good Communication

Post date: Mar 19, 2014 7:08:53 AM

by: Joylen DG. Mendoza

It is a must that we carry out communication clearly. Why do people communicate and how should we communicate. Communication is a link to one another. In our organization we can communicate to be of value to our receiver. As such communication should convey clear concise facts or information. We always send messages to our clientele. Language should be transmitted on time so as not to delay their expected responses.

Words, language, actions are means of communication. We let our receivers; listeners understand the meaning of what we want to tell. Written communication follows some forms of standards. Verbal communication develops a sense of feelings and emotions. Now a day’s modern technologies make us communicate via internet, viber, Facebook and text messaging that does not conform to rules but its circulation is great and easy.

In any communication, we see its elements; namely the sender, the message and the receiver. Usually our office communication is purposive. If the message is not so clear what it truly meant, the receiver may ask how true it is! Or what it really is meant. When performing our duties in Dep-Ed we must be credible in transmitting any message.

When we send any message we consider our receiver because we cannot use same manner or language to children as with that of the adults. They have different modes and manners. Remember when we send a message we expect a change or response. So much so that when we are requesting for a requirement from the individuals we should be careful for what data we want and when do they have to give them back.

Lastly the essence of any communication is its contents, strategy and should satisfy the receiver.