Post date: Jan 5, 2015 1:37:00 AM

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, BNHS, Teacher III

“Not all that are planted grow but full-fledged teachers do…”

As a teacher, you must be flexible and versatile. You should be ready at all times. At this point in time that K to 12 curriculum is already part of the education system, many changes have been occurring. Nothing is permanent in this world but change, cliché as they say but true. People are exposed to different kinds of changes particularly teachers. They meet new sets of students every year or every month or even more. However, it did not carry off the fact that they still experience struggles in the process of adjustment.

Indeed, teachers are one of the most affected elements every time there are changes However, if you want to stay you have to grow for the reason that teachers are like seeds. They are planted in this institution. Nonetheless, not all grow at the same type of soil.

Not all grow in the heat of the sun or pour of rain.

Not all grow and bear flowers.

Not all grow. Not all live…

When you have just stepped into this field, you possibly experienced culture shock for you felt like you are being planted to a plot with other seeds which are strangers to you. But as versatile as you are, you have to blend and bend. Besides, it takes time to grow seeds. However, there will come a time that you will start to form your roots and these will provide you a stronger grip to that plot where you are planted which will make you stronger.

Stronger: You are stronger in the sense that you will not give up. Thus, you will stay in this profession no matter what. You are stronger because you have a better plan and that is to grow. You are stronger for you have finally grown your roots in spite of the struggles. And you have established your spot in the plot where you are planted.

Time flies… more changes which are both expected and unexpected will certainly come your way but as a full- fledged teacher, you should always say, “I’m a full bloom plant; I’ll stay on my plot.”