Continuous Improvement of all Teachers- highly supported by the system for Learner’s Growth and Development

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 5:17:04 AM

Rhyann Carlos D. Balan

Teacher 1

Today our country faces unprecedented challenges- from a “great recession” and increased global warming, to soaring healthcare costs and declining retirement security. These complex issues require an informed citizenry to debate and decide our future.

Fortunately, our current industrial model of education is adequately preparing our students to successfully meet the challenges of a knowledge economy. Students must be exposed to a rich and rigorous education. They must master the deeper core content knowledge than ever before as well as acquire a new set of skills to deal with the increasingly interconnected and technological world.

Now is the time when teachers’ voices and abilities can make a big difference. We have the opportunity to reign and make teaching the profession it ought to be. This is the best time of great challenges and opportunity. Teaching is complex; there is no single pedagogy that can meet the needs and desires of every learner, so that for the sake of learner’s growth and development, Continuous Improvement Plan must be considered.

Continuous Improvement Plan in every school aims to equip the pedagogue with the tools and strategies they need to make gradual improvements in their respective classrooms. And most especially the application of principles of Continuous Improvement Program for improving school processes.

I vehemently believed that Continuous Improvement in Education is a process that people engage in, to address a specific problems or difficulties that needs a systematic solution and particular approach to be used inside the classroom to make the teaching-learning process more active and interesting for learners. Guaranteed that the Continuous Improvement Program in teaching would yield a successful sprout in the field of Educational system.

As a 21st century educator, I am very grateful in a way that it offers trainings and workshops which serve as a route in making the teaching-learning process of every Filipino teachers more comprehensive and systematic.

To ensure support for the continuous growth of teachers and pupils and to help enhance the teachers’ capability on their standard of work, the system focused on truly improving practice and promoting student learning not only creates procedures for assessing individual teacher’s knowledge and skills, but also has systems of support that provide for the continuous improvement of all teachers.