Post date: Sep 2, 2016 6:34:40 AM

By: Kenneth Cube Paguio

“The only permanent thing in this world is change.” This saying became familiar to many of us since our nation currently deals with major changes especially with regard to education. Our government decided to implement K-12 and some universities moved their school calendar to avoid suspension of classes which affects the academic skills of the students. However, these changes may create a good or bad outcome because this is the first time our nation will face this kind of implementation.

There are many things to consider in taking up the education to the next level. Change is good when it leads us to a better future. Adopting K-12 may be our step to meet the standards of other countries. It is not easy to add another one or two years of studying not only for the students but also for the parents who pay for the school fees of their children. However, if this is our chance to gain more knowledge and opportunities, hardwork and waiting is all worth it. On the other hand, if our country wants to succeed in adopting K-12, our government must be prepared in providing the funds and needs allocated for education.

Another issue is when some universities started to change their school calendars to prevent class interruptions. Climate is really hard to predict. To a many weather predictions delayed offices and schools activities due to threats of heavy rains and flooding. It affects not only the schedule of schools and offices but also the productivity of students and teachers. If the weather will continue to create suspension of classes, it will be hard to meet the deadline of school projects and schedule of lessons and examinations. This leads to major adjustments like moving the start of school year from June to August. But, it is clear that moving of school calendar can’t avoid the changes of weather conditions. Rainy days still affect the school days and floods continue to become a hindrance for the students who commute everyday of their lives. Although some decisions can’t prevent unpredicted situations, we should not stop to strive harder if we really want to pursue our dreams.

Nothing worth having comes easy. There are chances that we may fail, but we should not stop learning from our failures. Changes may help or destroy us but if we keep on fighting for our future, it is not possible that our dreams will become a reality.