COMPLIANCE … The best way to make our job faster and easier!

Post date: Mar 17, 2014 2:08:11 AM

By Desiree S. Mendoza

In this world that we live in today, where almost everything is being modernized, automated, put in transparency, run in numbers, do’s and don’ts, policies and regulations, and where defiance is a taboo… Compliance is the key to make our lives easier and stress free.

According to the internet, compliance, in general, is to conform to a rule, whereas regulatory compliance is to abide by the rules, goals, ideas set by the agencies. Personnel should be aware of it and should take steps to comply with it, in order to achieve the goals set by the organization. Due to the increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency, organizations are increasingly adopting the use of consolidated and harmonized sets of compliance controls. This approach is used to ensure that all necessary governance requirements can be met without the unnecessary duplication of effort and activity from resources.

The same thing goes in our City Division. From the administrative point of view the staff should abide by the office procedures and protocols. Financial matters should be guided by legal basis. State auditing has its procedures in making post audits, collect and analyze data to detect deficient controls, extravagant, fraudulent transactions, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies. Inspecting books of accounts and accounting systems for efficiency, effectiveness and use of accepted accounting procedures to record transactions. Examining and evaluating financial and information systems, recommending controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity are major part of check and balance mechanism in financial and compliance audit . Supply Unit has to prepare purchase order, to receive, store and issue goods, to maintain stocks records using manual or computerized system, to prepare inventories, and to be responsible for and check supply invoices against purchase orders. Personnel Unit maintains and enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations, human resources, policies, programs and practices. Timely, accurate, reliable and complete reporting is a crucial part of organizational policy. Information generated from these reports are consolidated, examined, analyzed and interpreted to become basis in sound judgment and decision-making by the organization. The importance of complying with protocols and law has great positive impact. As it promotes good and harmonious relationship among us, provide our organization an effective and efficient output while avoiding redundancy in effort and activity. What would happen if compliance in all these things is set aside or neglected?

I firmly believe that we should all develop an utmost sense of compliance to our division policies because it can really make our job better and easier. I hope you’ll be able to believe that too.