Post date: Jun 4, 2015 1:28:18 AM





Education plays a very important role in our lives, In today’s competitive world, it is a necessity for a man just like food,clothing and shelter for survival. A person who gets good education will become good citizen and more dependable worker. Without education, a person is incomplete, that’s why as a teacher and adviser, I see to it that all my students are aware of the importance of education.

In my 23 years of teaching, I have encountered different kinds of students; some are intelligent, average and mediocre. Someone told me that “walang taong bobo” and I must say that this is true. But, why there are “failure” students? What might be the reasons behind their being failure?

Majority of students experience many problems in their studies, here are some problems faced by students:

FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. In our current economic status , some parents can’t afford to support their children in school. They tried to enroll their children in public school because of the free tuition fee but after several months, students start to skip classes or worst, they always get absent because their parents don’t have money for their allowance and transportation. There are students who really want to study but because of financial difficulties, they end up being failure.

FAMILY PROBLEM. As a teacher, many students in my class who have lower grades are the children whose parents are separated and have a family of their own. I pity those students when they confessed to me and hear their stories.

CONCENTRATION. This is essential for study. Many students may find it hard to concentrate on their study properly because of many reasons. Modern technology is a culprit. Students nowadays spend much of their time in using gadgets and playing computer games.

To improve the power of concentration , student should have enough sleep daily, take regular exercise, study in a place with less distraction , avoid multi-tasking, refrain from holding gadgets and

Develop self-discipline in using the computer.

EXAM STRESS. It’s very common that students become too stress at the exam days. Some students fear that they may fail and this dread prevents them from performing well in their assessment.

LACK OF MOTIVATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT. Students should be told about the importance of study for his future life. Parents and Teachers should give emphasize to the students a reason for studying.

As the saying goes “ If there’s a will, there’s a way” we can find solutions in every problem we encounter..all it takes are determination and perseverance to achieve a certain goal.

I still remember my mother-in law when he told me that “children did not wish to be born”, so we ,as parents should educate and prepare our children for a better future.