Post date: May 25, 2017 5:17:13 AM

BY: Engr. Jhon Zen I. Capulong

Machiavelli’s advice to new leaders is also applicable to new teachers. The advice goes, It is far more easier to be strict in the beginning then be kind later, rather than at first be kind then be strict at the end.

One of the good things that a teacher can do is to give a good, sincere smile to students. This conveys many teachings to students when a teacher smiles to his/her students, the students most probably will smile back.

A word of caution, for your smile to be magical learn to smile from the heart. It is not actually the facial expression that brings the students closer to you but the feeling that is carried to the students, especially to her subconscious mind. The movement of the mouth is not what matters, but your true feelings. So teachers, smile from the core of your being. Radiate it, when you have this feeling, you are relaxed, friendly, sincere and happy.

Everyone is gifted with a good smile. Teachers, let go of it. Do not be afraid to show your feelings to the entire class. Once in a while wear your hearts on your sleeves. The students will not abuse you. Why do you fear to show your feelings? Your genuine attitude will earn more respect from your students.

Discard p-outing face, negative emotion, and give your sincere smile will automatically come out by itself. Remember a forced smile is not good, for the students will see through it. To give every student a good and sincere smile is to feel friendly and feel good about the world of teaching.

A little practice in expressing a teacher’s feelings is needed. The more you practice, the more you master it.