Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs of LEARNING

Post date: Apr 16, 2018 3:27:31 AM

By: Roylan T. dela Cruz

Head Teacher I- COBNHS

Do you know the story of “Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs”? Have you read or watched it? Each of the seven dwarfs has it own name and character. This character is comparable to a classroom situation where Cinderella represents our teacher turning learners to be the best person they can be. Seven Dwarfs represent the Seven Styles of Learning. Knowing and understanding them would lead to authentic learning experience.

“Different child, different style” that’s according to Kathy Tagella and Janet Horowitz, both are authors of several books and instructor in US. They have authored the Seven Styles of Learning. When I read their article, I learned a lot that I want to share it to all our reader for further understanding and knowledge of our learners.

Knowing our learners will help our teachers to facilitate learning most and understand them. The Seven Types of Learners are Linguistic Learner or The Word Player, Mathematical Learner or The Questioner, Spatial Learner or The Visualizer, Musical Learner (The Music Lover), Bodily/Kinesthetic Learner (They love to move or The Mover), Interpersonal Learner or The Socializer and Intrapersonal Learner or The Individual.

Those students who like to read, write and tell stories are the Linguistic Learners. They are the kind of learners who are good at memorizing names, places, dates and trivia. This kind of learners learn best in articulating, hearing and seeing words.

Next type of learning style is Logical/Mathematical Learner. Sometimes, they are called The Questioner. They are the types of learners who love to ask questions. This type of learners like to do experiments. They figure things out for themselves and frequently ask questions. They are fond of working with numbers and explore patterns and relationships.

People who love to draw are the Spatial Learners or The Visualizers. They make designs, build and create things. Daydreaming for them is an avenue to visualize things. Looking at pictures or slides is their way to learn. Watching movies or playing with a machine is their favorite past time. This type of learner is good at imagining things and sensing changes. They are also good at mazes or puzzle and reading maps and charts. So, this type of learner learn best by visualizing, dreaming using minds’ eye and working with colors and pictures.

Do you know anyone who loves to sing? He or she is probably a Musical Learner, oftentimes dubbed as The Music Lover. This type of learners like to sing, hum tunes, listen to music, play an instrument and respond to it. Activities that involve music is best given to this type of learner. This type is good at picking sounds, remembering melodies, noticing pitches and rhythms and keeping time. All in all, they learn best by activities involving rhythm, melody and music.

As a teacher, we oftentimes get mad at those students who roam around the classroom as if they are always measuring the whole area. But if you know that they are the type of learners who are Bodily/Kinesthetic Learner, you will be able to make an activity involving bodily movement and they will surely excel, our headache will be lessened. The Movers as they are known like to move around, touch and talk and use body language to communicate. This type of learner is good at physical activities such as sports, dance and acting or doing crafts. Activities involving touching, moving, interacting with space and processing knowledge through bodily sensations are best for them to learn.

There are students whom we can compare to politicians because they have lots of comrade. They are the type of Interpersonal Learners or The Socializers. They have lots of friends because of their personality. They like to talk to people or join the group. This type of learners are good at understanding people, leading others, organizing, communicating, manipulating and mediating conflicts. Activities involving sharing, comparing, relating, cooperating or interviewing suits them best. They learn best through the activity I mention before.

In some cases, we observe some loner students. They are the Intrapersonal Learners or The Individuals who like to work alone or pursue own interest to learn. This kind of learners are good at understanding self or focusing inward on feelings or dreams. They pursue their own interests or goals and love being original. How can they learn best? They learn best by working alone and on individualized projects. Self-paced instruction and having own space is their best time to learn.

We teachers must know our learners not only with their names but also to characters, behaviors and interest they have. Authentic learning styles come along when we really know them. Do you really know your students/pupils?