Celebrities of Mathematics

Post date: May 24, 2016 7:08:10 AM

Raffy P. dela Cruz

Math Teacher


Everyone knows a lot of people. We all know the cast of our favorite movies, the members of an awesome band, the author of your favorite book, characters of a game you play but most of us don’t know the people behind the neck breaking subject, Mathematics.

The first of the major mathematical-astronomers from the classical age of Indian Mathematics and Indian astronomy Aryabhata. The place-value system, first seen in the 3rd-century Bakhshali Manuscript, was clearly in place in his work. While he did not use a symbol for zero, the French mathematician Georges Ifrah argues that knowledge of zero was implicit in Aryabhata's place-value system as a place holder for the powers of ten with null coefficients. He also approximated the value of π. He also contributed in astronomy.

Ada Lovelace is the woman who founded scientific computing. She has been referred to as the prophet of the computer age'. Certainly she was the first to express the potential for computers outside mathematics. She is a proof that even back then women were as smart and capable.

Thales In regards to mathematics, he reached at solution of problems through geometry for instance the height or distance was calculated by him through geometry. He also used the same scientific method that is method of deduction and reasoning rather than alluding to mythology. Thus he was a pioneer in discovering new scientific method in mathematics that’s why he is regarded as the first true mathematician. Another remarkable achievement of his was deriving the theorem, popularly known as Thales theorem on basis of deductive reasoning.

And lastly, the famous Albert Einstein. While Einstein was remembered for his contributions to physics, he also made contributions in mathematics. He contributed several equations to calculus and geometry, ten of which are called the Einstein Field Equations. He first published these equations in 1915. One of these equations demonstrates how stress-energy inflicts curvature of space-time.

These are but the few of the mathematical celebrities that helped us understand the concept of numbers and sizes. Giving utmost importance to their contributions means appreciating and studying Mathematics more. There are billions of people in the world and history just introduced you some of the geniuses known for giving a tentative explanation behind the world of math.