Build a Waste Free Nation

Post date: Apr 21, 2017 5:25:12 AM

Johanna V. Consunji

Teacher 1

The community is not a place where people build a mountainous smoky home. Neither the school is a place where pupils create a dumping site.

One of the major causes of improper waste management is lack of discipline of every Filipino. Many people nowadays are becoming more hard-headed than before. We know when, where, and how to segregate and dispose properly those waste, but we often do what is detrimental. Second, is the ignorance of the law? Few are oriented on what will be the consequence and cost of littering everywhere. Third, is lack of love and care for the environment? Many Filipinos even people all around the world are guilty for this occurrence. We start to neglect and not give importance of what God created. It says in the Holy Bible “We as humans, are responsible for taking care of our environment”, but it seems that we are the first to annihilate it. Lastly, foreign countries like Canada use our nation as their dumping site. According to the report of GMA News last month, Canada brought their trash in our country for no specific reason. The government is still deaf and mute for this issue for it will just start a problem if it reacts.

Consequently, improper segregation and disposal of waste have a tremendous effect in each and every one of us. First, our environment will be more expose with the garbage that can harm us. For this reason, there will be more floods in our country. In addition, our nation will not be a tourist destination for it will be more unclean that cannot attract the eyes of the foreigners. Furthermore, all the animals might also be affected because there would be no place for them to live as well as there would be no food for them to eat. For all things will be poisonous because of the chemical content of the garbage. Lastly, there are lots of diseases that we, as humans can get in inappropriate disposal.

On the contrary, we can make necessary solutions for this matter if we really want to save our state for becoming a smoky mountain home. As Filipino citizen, we must have proper discipline on waste management. We must know that if we do the right thing like segregating biodegradable from non-biodegradable materials it will be a great help for the environment. Next, we must make necessary research about the law and what it states regarding the penalty of being disobedient. Moreover, as a member of the Filipino community we must have unity to build a nation with a certain goal to develop the love and care for our surroundings by means of making it clean through the help of government programs. Lastly, we must not be afraid of protecting the dignity of our country. We must respect and stand for our nation against some countries that abuse our environment.

Let the human live in a green and clean home. Live a hopeful generation for a heaven- like environment where we all, can breathe fresh air, can see green lands and can live a healthful life.