Breakthrough Paradigms

Post date: Mar 19, 2014 2:54:27 AM



Changing mind sets to create breakthroughs in teaching is a MUST. It must be a tall and stern order that is profusely emanating from teachers.

As years pass by, we encounter difficulty in handling our classes and we often complain that children nowadays are different. Certainly, it is a fact now. But, have we ever changed our paradigms to adapt to the “change” or difficulty we often say.

The advent of technology brought massive information explosion and its impact on the lives of our Filipino youth is both advantageous and disadvantageous. It becomes useful when they are disciplined enough to scroll informative reading materials that may enhance their classroom lessons, yet, it creates havoc when it allows them to view pornography and bizarre violence. The children are immersed on different media forms and technology gadgets which waste their time a lot. Compared to the lifestyles of the youth two decades ago, the kids then just played Laro ng Lahi games, went home at 6PM to pray and studied or read books. There was no TV yet. Nowadays, the children have lots of disturbances and they cannot focus on their studies. They hate reading even if there are many books and magazines around.

In response to this culture change, the teachers must adapt their mind sets to avoid clashing of beliefs. Here are breakthrough paradigms that we may consider to make our classroom a haven of joy and learning.

Old belief# 1

The pupils must be seated properly and quietly in their classroom.

Breakthrough Paradigm# 1

They must be allowed to move and create intelligent “noise” to nurture their innate capacities.

Old belief #2

Assessment of learning should be based on summative and periodic tests.

Breakthrough Paradigm# 2

Authentic assessment is highly recommended to be used now in addition to written evaluation. The pupils are now assessed according to their performance outputs. They are now encouraged to recreate. They may sing, scribble notes, make creative outputs based on the text they read, declaim, recite poems, perform Speech Choir or Reader’s Theater or write Chapter zero of the selection read.

Old belief# 3

The teacher must be very strict and stern.

Breakthrough Paradigm# 3

Learning experiences must be meaningful to the pupils. It will have lasting impact on them if they experience, explore and discover the concepts they study. Teachers must be very accommodating and friendly too.

Old belief# 4

Pupils must be given series of reading comprehension tests to increase their comprehension level.

Breakthrough Paradigm# 4

Reading comprehension must be taught and scaffolded. It must not tested. Word recognition is not reading because it entails comprehension.

Old belief#5

Children do not tell lies.

Breakthrough Paradigm#5

It is not true. Some children tell lies and invent stories. So, be careful on those kids who can easily weave stories.

Whether you consider my breakthrough paradigms or not, the decision will always be yours. But, make sure it is child-friendly.