BNHS IGP Started

Post date: Aug 19, 2014 1:49:05 AM

by: Virginia D. Enriquez, HT VI - English (BNHS)

The 13 goats stay and play on top of the tree trunks in the pastureland

Pushing for better and more affordable income generating project (IGP), the TLE Department through its proponents , Mr. Ariel G. Izon and Mr. Juni D. Rosario started it by raising 13 goats housed at the back of Mahogany Park .

Putting up an IGP has been the dream of Bataan National High School in the 21st century; nevertheless, due to lack of budget, livestock project seems to be an illusion.

However, with the arrival of an innovative and supportive Principal IV, Mr. Armando C. Capili, the livestock project was born in Bataan National High School.

It all started with a small amount earned from the tickets sold during the concert sponsored by the TLE Department in cooperation with the Supreme Student Government (SSG) led by the adviser, Mrs. Lea P. Medina and the co-adviser, Mr. Roylan T. Dela Cruz, both AP Teachers, and selected teachers from the different departments.

Mr. Capili suggested to start raising goats since they are easy to multiply and are always in demand in the market. “Goats are easy to sell and our school is big and grassy and can be very nice pastureland for grazing animals”, he elucidated. “Besides, we shall spare time in cutting the grass at the Mahogany Park for those grass will be the goats’ food”, he added. Thus, the venture of putting up the goats’ shelter started –up last summer vacation after the feasibility study made by Mr. Rodel C. Dumalag and Mr. Hector G. Salenga was approved by Mr. Capili and the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon. The building of the house was done through the bayanihan of male TLE Teachers of which Mr. Juanito M. Barnachea, Mr. Nelson P. David, and Mr. Jorge M. Miller planned the construction of the goats’ house; Mr. Manuel G. Andrade, Mr. Antonieto R. Prado and Mr. Rolando L. Bautista on water system; Mr. Ariel G. Izon and Mr. Juni D. Rosario on electrical system while Mr. Lester B. Tamayo on documentation. With the teamwork and perseverance of all the male TLE teachers and the Department Head, Mr. Amador M. Barcarse, they foresee that those 13 goats will be tripled soon. TLE teachers realized that there is nothing impossible if they work together. “Indeed, determination, patience and teamwork are the formulae to success”, they stressed.