Post date: Aug 3, 2018 1:35:12 AM





I find delight in seeing people opening gifts or presents. I believe that when a person is about to open a gift, he is in the peak of excitement and joy. There must be strike of mixed emotions or agitation on the part of the recipient unwrapping that special something. I am pretty sure that all of us have witness that priceless scenario. We all could have watched a child opening a Christmas present, a relative who celebrated a birthday unwrapping presents, a couple on their golden anniversary tearing present wraps, a girl who received a valentine’s gift from her lover or could also be on an ordinary day made special for someone. It feels amazing to see the facial expressions of those people opening their presents, there are surprised, dismayed, delighted, annoyed, or sometimes just throwing a poker face, that if I would be given a chance, I will capture them all.

Indeed, to open a present is something we should not miss in this life. However, some people seem to have a bolted idea of gifts since they thought of it as something that must be wrapped impressively in a gift box with a ribbon on the outside and patched with a note card. But how beautiful could it be if we can surpass the conformist idea of gifts. In fact, anyone can be a gift to us. Yes, anyone and not anything. Is it not more interesting to see gifts around the corner rather on a gift box? I came to the point where I always consider anyone or everyone around me as special gifts for me. As a teacher, I consider myself abundantly blessed yearly since I am given an incomparable chance to open multiple precious gifts every school year – my students (advisees). I am very glad to have 41 precious gifts to open this school year 2018-2019 and I will make sure that in opening them, I will be very careful.

When I open material gifts, I tend to be extremely agitated so what I normally do is tearing off the gift wrapper recklessly out of my excitement whereas forgetting to be considerate of how the giver has done it. However, when it comes to opening my precious gifts, I will be very mindful of my every action. I will make sure that no unnecessary force will be exerted when opening them like the water that flows naturally on streams, I will uncover them as natural as possible. I do not want any part of them get broken. I will prudently unravel them because my one mistake can possibly damage them, hurt them or devalue them. And when they are already discernable to me, I will expand my carefulness even more. I will silently and patiently contemplate on the best part of my precious gifts so I can make them serve their best purpose. On the other hand, it is true that not all gifts are as beautiful as they have been expected. When I receive gifts that I presume to be useless or the not my type gifts, I cannot really fake my happiness. My dismayed or unsatisfied face could not lie and my actions too. I most probably straightaway keep that gift in my cabinet or worst I will immediately throw it in the trash bin. I would not bother a second to pore over it. However, even among my precious gifts, there are not-so-beautiful ones. Nevertheless, I cannot just express my disappointment in them instead I will think creatively to turn them into very purposeful gifts. I must repeatedly and leniently examine my precious gifts, be grateful and ruminate on their significance while pondering on the reason why they have been handed over me.

Everything happens for a reason thus every encounter has purpose. Whether people will only stay for a while or will stay still in our life for long, regardless of it, they all must be given consideration, a chance to occupy their space in our hearts to either just leave a mark or to stay forever.