Post date: Apr 7, 2014 2:08:32 AM

by: Victor G. Simpao

A thankful heart adds sparkle to all of living. Too often we fail to express our thanks. The Lord, Jesus healed ten lepers, but only one returned to give thanks, and that one was a Samaritan.

We feel sorry when we show kindness to others, yet they do not even have the courtesy to say “Thank You”. By the same token we should realize how others feel when we fail to express gratitude for favors received.

We should cultivate the habit of expressing thanks to one another as well. A warm handshake, a phone call or a letter –what uplift they bring! We should be quick to express gratitude for gifts, for hospitality, for free transportation, for the loan of tools or other equipments, for help with our work project, for every form of kindness and service that is shown to us.

The trouble is that too often, we take those things for granted, or we are to undisciplined to sit down and write a letter. In that case, we must work at the habit of thanksgiving developing an awareness of all that we have for which to be grateful. Then training ourselves to acknowledge these things promptly. The promptness of acknowledging doubles the thanks.

Precious words like thank you are like honeycomb, sweetest to the soul and healthier to the bones. (Brian Tracy)