Post date: Oct 8, 2012 2:13:33 AM

by: Belinda M. Dizon

Since the Department of Education aims to have a quality education, we are fortunate to have supportive local government officials, spearheaded by our beloved City Mayor JoseEnrique Garcia III, assure that every school in the City of Balanga will continue to have AVR and each teacher can avail laptops. In this way, ICT can be accessible to all. Teaching and learning situation will be interesting and easier. Aside from the availability of the advance technologies such as internet, laptops and AVRs, it was indeed a great help to have trainings on the use of these technologies with the expertise of MISO and approachable and keen supervisor of ALS, Mr. Ernesto Robles Jr. who assisted the teachers up to now on the use of Information and Communication Technology. Through these, the level of understanding and attainment on the mastery of the lesson was achieved. From just a simple picture or images, now can be presented through animated images that moves and appreciated by every learner, a lesson with the used of chalk and board can be viewed with the use of power point, presentation of stories can motivate the children through videos, some discussions and accomplishments can be much interested through movie maker. Creativity of teachers and pupils can be developed. Projects, assignments and lessons through internet enable them to become independent learners. Communications in local, national and international or worldwide were accessible. Exchange of ideas, thoughts and information became easier to obtain. Through ICT, the learners can excel and educators can grow professionally. Moreover, work can be done at an early time with great accomplishments.

These benefits acquired on the use of ICT in the City of Balanga promoted the school performance with excellence.