Post date: Jan 11, 2017 8:22:40 AM

Sammy Y. Sabello

Teacher II

City of Balanga National High School

Teachers can make and unmake learners.

Life as an educator means unending lesson plans and classroom teaching hours. It can also mean taking all the blame for as they say, “It is the noblest profession where everything is your fault.” Meanwhile, for the many, it is a low paying job with numerous responsibilities. The irony of being a teacher: you are both good and bad and you take both the admiration and insult.

To teach does not mean you always do the right thing yet, a teacher is expected to do the right thing. To teach is to impart the knowledge you have, that’s it! Anybody can teach but not everybody can be a teacher because it entails a heart. She must know that her students must value life. She must not make them radical monsters but sensible individuals.

To be a teacher means doing everything you can, without any question, so that your students will be able to choose doing the right thing. A teacher has to be the person that reminds every individual that despite all the bad things, right thinking must always be the choice. It is, therefore, understandable that a true teacher is someone who embodies virtue in its purest form. She can not be anybody because a true teacher is someone who chooses to inspire in leading others to continue carrying crosses even when others do not – she can be a mother, a trainer, a spiritual adviser, a life coach and the list may go on.

Uplifting the morale must have been the skill every teacher masters. Accepting defeat and learning the lessons from it are the important life lessons she has to share with her students. To treat disappointments and failures as stepping stones to reach their dreams is essential in making things happened. They must not lose hope. The strongest force usually emanates from significant adults of the youths and they are the TEACHERS. In reality, people can witness the crumbling of another person’s spirit despite giving them all?

It would rather be easy to celebrate victory than to get up and move forward after the loss. Yet, the greatest challenge is resting on our shoulders – the coaches, their teachers.

Being optimistic despite tribulations is the best disposition we can impart to our students. They need to surpass all the trials that they are undergoing. Giving up must not be the option. Fighting till the last drop of blood should be the only option. In fact, according to the latest Statistics on school dropouts in the Philippines in 2015, there is no particular issue determined behind the dropouts. Although this may be true, let us no longer be limited to what our eyes would like to see. Let us look beyond the happy moments and transcend. From here, we, teachers, can impact positivism into our students’ beliefs. Under such circumstances, our students begin to understand the purpose of everything that is happening in their lives and teach them to be more courageous in continuing what they should be doing in school. We are the key and it is truly important that we realize our roles in leading people as teachers. We must keep in touch with the real essence of why we are called teachers; we do not only teach, we should also inspire.

.Let us always be proud to declare that indeed , WE ARE TEACHERS. #proudeducator