Be a Leader Not a Boss

By: Camille T. Camacho

Finance Staff - SDO Balanga City (Budget Unit)

Date posted: Nov. 16, 2018

There are cases wherein a teacher mistakes his position as a boss and not a leader, to the point wherein he is losing his rapport with his students and treating them as plane followers.

According Mos Neng in a published article “Take note that not every boss is a leader, but a leader can be a boss.” More often, we misinterpret that leaders and bosses are equivalent however it is genuinely distinct. In life, being a leader is more important rather than being a boss.

One prominent characteristic of a leader is he doesn’t need to be feared. The old proverb that says a person would rather be feared than respected is not going to work in the modern class, understand that intimidating teachers and controlling them will not work by any means. Fear leads to doubt, poor self-esteem and deficiency. On the other hand, smart leaders inspire with trust, enthusiasm and compassion, plus display self-assurance in their students to make decisions on their own.

To add more, a well-known characteristic of a good teacher that is a leader is that he leads, rather than a teacher that is a boss who pushes. Teacher as leaders motivate their students, which then inspires them to follow their teacher’s example. Teacher as a boss, tend to push students instead of directing them. This type of educator tends to never make decisions, which forces students to work without guidance and expectations while their educator hides behind a wall of inaction.

On the other hand, teacher leaders frequently present ideas and work alongside their students. They clearly communicate objectives to the class and their actions are aimed at achieving goals together. This is the difference between inspiring the students and losing their respect. When the class has confidence in their teacher, it can help improve class culture and motivate students to contribute.

Some teachers’ feels dim-witted when they can’t explain something to their students or if one of their student correct their teaching. However a true leader is neither arrogant nor embarrassed to learn from those with lower titles. A leader knows that learning more will never be too late.

Leaders appreciate and practice the concept of 'give-and-take'. As one of the essential characteristics of a good leader, they do not hesitate to share their knowledge and experiences. Accordingly, leaders always pay attention to their colleagues, regardless of their rank in the organizational hierarchy, as they know that there is always something to learn from everybody. Instead, the leader teaches and nurtures new professionals.

Some boss teachers especially those who have chosen favorites tend to ignore a majority of their class. This can give other students the sense they are drifting with an uncertain future. A teacher that is a leader doesn’t ignore. They invest time and effort into developing their students to their full potential and capability by teaching them new skills and helping them advance in their path.

More importantly leaders invest time. Leaders’ assurance to put great administration by having solid objectives, dealing with the plans, acknowledges valuable feedback, comprehend contrasts and welcome sentiments.

With all these points in mind, we needs to aim to become good leaders and direct our ways in becoming a helping hand to everyone.