Post date: Oct 14, 2014 7:07:01 AM

By: Janice T. Forbes

Head Teacher in Science

City of Balanga National High School

Teachers must not only quench the thirst of the learners but to require them crave to learn more every day. This is the greatest way that the teacher can do to achieve the satisfaction of being a good one.

However, this burning desire is now extinguished and its light is becoming dim and blurred like our students in this generation who seem to be losing their interest in going to school. Undoubtedly, the teacher will fail to achieve and impose the “learning” on them.

No study habit? No parental guidance? No interest at all? Absent, physically or mentally? Why should it be worst? More students are going to school not to really learn but to chat with their friends. Students seem to listen attentively but the daily quizzes reveal the truth that they are not really listening but only imagining something during class hours. Could we expect them to pass the National Achievement Test if they behave as such?

The poor performance of students in school reflects on the teachers’ performance as well. How sad that negative feedback always bounces on teachers’ responsibility.

Parents and Educators must open their hearts and minds that teacher is not the only influential factor for the students’ performance. Parents must take a big part in molding their own children to be more disciplined in all aspects of their lives. School and home should take an equal responsibility and obligation in transforming these students to be better and functional mobilizers someday. Indeed, the success of our student is also the success of our parents and teachers.