Awakened Treasures in Deep Slumber

Post date: Apr 29, 2014 6:49:51 AM

By: Romalyn S. Raro, BNHS, Teacher I

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This aforementioned thought- provoking line of one of the Marvel Heroes, Spiderman has profoundly awakened the genuine purpose of my so-called fated venture – teaching! Thus, it obliges me to embrace the bittersweet journey of being a steward of edification.

However, my psyche, for quite some time was in its deep slumber that blinded its eyes in keeping sight of its non-superficial mission. But, time has enlightened my once deceived mind and has brought change in my teaching life. This rendered me the passes to finally unearth the real treasures of being the master of my chosen career. Moreover, these are catchphrases of the first academe which wholeheartedly embraced and nurtured me as a qualified individual in my craft.

Shape their minds. This infinitely concluded paramount of education guards the neophytes against the monstrous illiteracy; thus, gearing them up in facing the challenging battles in life.

Mould their hands. The know-how which is bestowed to the learners will now be brought into realization. The gift that is willingly absorbed by their hungry minds is turned into wondrous signs of learning and acquisitions. And,

Touch their hearts. Teachers, who are the captains of their ships toward their desired and foreseen destination, also have their soft-spot. And this makes them humans! Through this, I, we, all teachers have the natural and innate power to inspire, empathize, love, and create successful citizens with values.

With this, a teacher is not only someone who seeks to edify but also a soul that will lead students to the path towards being holistically prepared. By then, teacher could assure that they are well-equipped in facing the infinite struggles that the world may throw to them. And if they managed to succeed, then I can say that the purposes I have realized are treasures that I will surely keep and share!