Auditing Office, Nurtures Public Service Ethics

Post date: Mar 24, 2014 1:39:14 AM

By: Desiree S. Mendoza

In any government organization, an office audit is a must. This institutes the crossroad for good and honest governance which is the battle cry of our national government. Every expenditure is governed by set of rules. It cultivates proper values, norms, attitudes and work culture in the financial management of the office. The people in the organization should not be afraid of this audit procedure because auditors come to the office not to find faults or discrepancies but to help to remind everyone concerned on how to properly adopt, implement and create conducive and enabling mechanisms that will guide as the desired ethical values in our office expenditures.

The office audit may be viewed as tightening environment when we are reminded of some erring practice. This is because we want to be more expressive of our mandate. We only wish to show to our clients that in any government offices, officials and employees need to have these prescribed codes as their safeguards.

In this manner we safeguard unrealistic expenses which are usually perceived as inefficiency on the part of the officer who has overlooked such weaknesses in financial disposition. This is also building capabilities of our officers as the frontliners in managing the financial aspect in the office. Doing this will create a spirit of truth and transparency in our organization. This will also ignite our hearts the firmness to serve truly with sincerity and honesty.