Attitude: The Camera of One’s Soul

Post date: Apr 25, 2018 8:55:18 AM

By: Virginia D. Enriquez

BNHS HT VI- English

We all know that a teacher is like an architect that builds and designs the character of learners. Therefore, it is not only the duty and responsibility of the teacher to provide learners the knowledge and skills but most of all develop among them the positive values.

It is quite natural for children to be naughty in the classroom or have troubles when it comes to studying which is a part of their lives . Thus, teachers must watch critically any signs of problems like bullying , cheating, gambling and losing interest in studying. These may cause students become disengaged, that they cut classes, or give up and quit, shutting the world up.

This kind of situation needs to be addressed quickly and one of the ways to stay on top of it is to have a good relationship with the learners. As what Beth Murrows said, “ The strength of the students’ relationships make the difference in translating the teachers’ passion for teaching into their passion for learning. This is the right thing to be done ,but there are teachers who easily give up or they do not care whether their students learn or not. That is why despite of free education, there are still out-of-school youth.

Thus, it is essential that a school principal must have the ability to establish accountability measures to mold the teachers and students accountable for learning. Great principals see solutions not just problems. We cannot deny the fact that the principal’s attitude can also make or break a school. A great leader must be the person who will all bring the staff to work and not to jail them in the box, so with the students to study everyday. Learners must be given the opportunity to transfer their learnings in the real world like joining in different competitions. Depriving them of their right is like killing these students, so we have to be wise in making decisions.

Any decision we make shapes not only who we are as people or educators, but who we are as a leaders. I can’t help but to recall a great quote by Maya Angelou which states, “ If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Always remember that attitude is the camera of one’s soul. Try to be surrounded with supportive people around you who can put things in perspective and can surely cultivate positive values. It will also counteract negativity and help you change your attitude. Whereas if you are surrounded by unsupportive people, often than not, there is always trouble. Bad attitude reduces the person’s confidence, diminish his performance which ultimately sabotage our success.