A Teacher’s Romance in Novel

Post date: Feb 20, 2017 8:19:11 AM

By: Aisee Paguio Cruz, MAED, BNHS T-III

“You’ll never know how far you can go unless you defy the limits.”

Years ago, I attended a seminar on teaching Philippine Literature. There, I learned the difference of a Romance from a Novel. Our resource speaker emphasized that Romance is the constant defiance of limits, while Novel on the other hand is the recognition and acceptance of limits which is aligned to realism.

We all know that in Romance, when a character dies, they can still be regained contrary to Realism where when someone dies he cannot be revived anymore.

I think, in these two worlds in literature, teachers chose to live as characters in Romance. Why? Simply because they consistently defy limits. They always make impossible possible. They are filled with dreams for their students although there are some instances that the latter do not have plans for themselves. “Teachers never lose hope even at the end of a burning knot”. Besides, they always act as if they never get tired. In fact, most teachers still take private tutorials and manage businesses aside from attending their duties in school. More so, they study and work at the same time. Another thing, they are the best actresses of all time. Life goes on even at the lowest point in their lives. They can still manage to smile and inspire.

However, they live in reality. Hence, defiance of limits was experienced constantly that made things difficult. Teachers keep pushing themselves to become better individuals. They continuously strive to prove their worth and always expect the future bright. That made them a definite epitome of Romance.

Teachers are cognizant that they live in reality, but how can you make students dream if you are not a dreamer yourself?

Therefore, dream in order for you to have the courage and willingness to push yourself to the borderline. You will not know how far you can go until you reached the line.