A Teacher’s Dilemma

Post date: Oct 19, 2016 2:53:28 AM

By: Marvin S. Santiago

Recently, many were astonished upon seeing from the social media a news about a teacher who committed suicide during her dwelt with her Daily Lesson Log (DLL). Nobody knew the reason behind it. No matter what were her struggles and burdens, it is not practical to think that working on the newly mandated DLL triggered her weakness.

Indeed, there is no easy job. Yet, teaching specifically in elementary is a profession and a job of many jobs. A teacher is a multi-task profession. She/he is engrossed with so many tasks, roles and responsibilities. Her multiple roles keep her busy like the bulk of documents to accomplish. A book keeper of their records as well. She is a housekeeper in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of their classroom inside and outside. She is a carpenter of damaged arm chair or desks, bulletins and shelves. She is a nurse for his pupils who are sick in school or the first aider for those who encounter accidents. She is a social worker who frequently provides the needs of his indigent pupils. She is a parent and nanny for toddlers, abandoned and misguided children, a friend, counselor, preacher and manager of education in her own classroom.

In reality, no working hours can be accounted because of her numerous works and unlimited duties. Due to many and varied roles she is undertaking the whole day every day, she has no choice but to plan the next day lessons and activities at home from night till midnight or at dawn till morning. No quality time left for her and family. No quiet time to reflect and plan for her dreams. Even no time to relax and unwind with his love ones. Every single hour is stolen by the different tasks. Moreover, coaching and training for competition, mapping and home visitation are likely a must to do. What would be his strength the next time around if she needs to cook, to do laundry, to clean the house, to care for his children and more. If she can’t, no choice but to get somebody to labor for her, and it is not free. If again nothing to do about this dilemma, no choice, a teacher is forced to be a superwoman to embrace and do all the tasks in school and at home until her last breathe.