A Story Beyond Triumph The Pride of an Upland School

Post date: Oct 18, 2016 3:00:46 AM

By Marvin S. Santiago

Russien Dale F. Nisperos, a former pupil of BANI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, SITIO BANI, CATANING, BALANGA CITY from 2009-2012, is now an achiever in sports and academics of DALBY STATE SCHOOL, AUSTRALIA.

Bani Elementary School is so proud and honored in producing a learner who is giving our country great pride of being a Filipino by heart and by deeds. He started his preparatory education up to his primary grade, being simple and friendly. Though noted as a shy type learner, he was academically competent and was consistently belonged to the top ten rank in class.

Dale is the eldest son of Mr. Francis and Mrs. Mary Jane F. Nisperos. He has a younger sister named Kirsten Kate. His father is an OFW in Australia, working there as a Tradesman moulder chemical bonded sand/green sand while his mother is a simple housewife.

This grade four pupil of Bani left the school in March 2012. He and his family migrated in Australia. Before the time of leaving, mix emotion was felt all around. He would be missing his friends and teachers, the simple life he had in this small community, and the laughter and playtime with his neighbors and playmates (kababata). The same feeling with his teachers and friends but on the other hand, they thought of great opportunity to Dale in studying abroad. He would be bringing with him the foundation of the “Basic Education Curriculum” of our Department of Education. It was infused as well in his heart and mind, the inspiration and hope from his last teacher in his native land, Ma’am May C. Limsuyang.

It was 23rd of May 2012 when he first arrived in Australia. He left the country but still keeping in touch with his teacher through Face Book. He is really a stranger at every corner of that foreign land. When he started schooling at Dalby State School, the new journey of his life began. His every dwelling there then was not as easy as 1,2,3. There are so many hardships and sacrifices he went through especially on his first three months. The language barrier and belongingness were the main difficulties for him. He was so shy. He also experienced bullying and racial discrimination obviously because of his brown color at the midst of “titisuyin”. But on the next three months of adjustment, everything was getting better. He showed an interest in joining the sports activities. Unfortunately he didn’t win any place on the event he joined to. He was actually the least. Worse, he was hurt physically, he fell and no one even wanted to help or talk to him. Those experiences pushed him through to be strong and determined in winning the game the next time around.

Same case in academics, it is hard for him to participate in recitations and examinations. But through his family’s moral support and the little voice that echoed about the hope and inspiration instilled to him by his last teacher, he took all those things as challenges. He didn’t lose hope. He tried to confidently face everyone and everything in his every day journey. He stood still and showed to all that a pure blooded Filipino can make everything well with the help of the Lord.

Through his decisiveness and determination, he patiently and passionately learned their culture, language, socialization, education and other activities without compromising his good faith to the Lord and relationship to his family. He is guided by the verse “Your labor will never be in vain”. Alas! Little by little, his adjustments are led him to a good track. He became known not only in academics but most especially in sports. He gained friends and became popular. He started to receive recognition both in academics and sports.

His name became famous because of his strength and speed, he became a track and field athlete of the school and a member of the Rugby League.

Fortunately, he received several awards in sports and academics starting year 2014. His 2014 awards in Dalby State School are:

· Age Champions – Dalby State School

· HL Thomson Bays Open 100m Effort Merit Award (2 awards)

· Effort Excellence Award (2 awards)

· Lote Global Citizen Award

Moreover, he received the prestigious award, the “Andrew Mc Collough Award “Aim for Excellence Award (for displaying excellence, leadership, behavior skills and attitude while participating in representative sport at Dalby State School).This “Andrew Mc Collugh award” is one of the highest award in Australia. He is the first Filipino and first Asian who received it. He gained that same award in 2015. That made him known and featured in Australian newspaper. Indeed, he is one of the prides of the Filipinos. Other awards he bagged in 2015 are:

· Dalby Devils Junior Rugby League

· Players of the Year Award(MVP)

· Most Improved Player

· 100m-200m under 13 champions

· Darling Downs 36th Regional Championship

· 200m champions

· 100m 1st runner up

· Gold and platinum award in Academic

· Gold Award in Sports

· Andrew Mc Collough Aim for Excellence Award

· State Championship Representative

· Toowoomba Junior Rugby League Player High Achiever Award

Recently, in January 2016, he visited his beloved Bani Elementary School and his favorite former teacher Mrs. May C. Limsuyang. He reminisced the time when he was studying there. He excitedly and happily greeted his teacher’s pupils and gave them inspiration. He unknowingly inspired the teachers as well that the simple Filipino pupil they once taught can be great. Besides, he shared some goodies to them. The teachers were so glad for his expression of gratitude…to look back on where he started. He promised to return and will continue to love his former school where he learned the values of endurance and perseverance. He also pledged to support it more especially when he is already stable.

Truly, Russien Dale F. Nisperos, a pupil of a public school of Balanga City, a lad of a “sitio”, a “probinsyano” of Bataan, the so called “country boy” by his Australian friends, classmates and school mates, is certainly popular, a Great Filipino Youth among the Great People of Australia…. Indeed, pride of our nation.