A Standpoint for SReYA

Post date: Apr 4, 2014 3:16:40 AM

Mrs. Haydee C. Chavez

By: Haydee C. Chavez

When the school year ends, the kindergarten teachers as well as the Division Coordinator, Ms. Lorna V. Guinto, are busy preparing for the conduct of SReYA. In my place, I can hear some parents who express their apprehensions about it. So, I become interested to delve on it. What is it about?

When kindergarten education has been made mandatory in public schools in 2011 by virtue of Republic Act 10157, the Department of Education came up with SReYA or School Readiness Year-End Assessment. It is a tool to determine the achievement level of kindergarten pupils across developmental domains that include character and values development, physical health and motor development, social and emotional development and cognitive development (sensory, mathematics, physical and natural environment, social environment, language, literacy and communication).

It shall be administered at the end of each school year in every school. This tool is not anticipated to assess teacher’s performance but as basis for providing appropriate instruction, assistance and interventions to Grade 1 entrants. Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro clearly emphasizes that the assessment is not considered an achievement test or a final exam. He also stresses that it is not an entrance exam, for the next grade level, thus, no child shall be deprived of her/his entry to Grade 1 based on the result of the assessment. Besides, it is conducted using pupils’ mother tongue or the language spoken at home.

I think the conduct of SReYA in our division is indeed effective because its results are overwhelming although the department emphasizes that it shouldn’t be the basis for the teacher’ performance hence, I ardently believe it is. It speaks about the Kindergarten teachers. The results give positive impact on their performance and of course, the support and cooperation of the parents as well.

Moreover, it is also a great help for the parents because they can use the results of the assessment for their home intervention. The parents themselves can prepare their own reading remediation program for the entire summer vacation which can lead to better results before another school year commences. On the part of the learners, I think SReYA will boost their morale. It helps them become “able” learners who are engaged in all activities without inhibition or fear of the lessons that they will learn in Grade One because their parents have already prepared them to school.

SReYA must be used by grade one teachers as their basis for determining the baseline of learning of the grade one entrant. Thus, lessons will be made more engaging and enjoyable to learners.