Post date: Aug 28, 2018 8:13:31 AM


Principal III-Bo. Central Elementary School

Balanga City

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is on a high gear with member countries committing themselves in the spirit of unity and mutual understanding.

In particular, after a series of summits and conferences, leaders from its five (5) founding members that includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines are pushing to establish a viable, resilient, and innovative ASEAN community in terms of social and economic empowerment in the region.

The gathering of nations is not only historic but economically significant for the lives of people in the Southeast Asia. When people are provided with economic empowerment which is mainly the noble purpose of integration, the whole span of the region will be more productive. With this, productivity will provide enhance in terms of competitive edge in the global economy. The ideal part of it is, it will enable the member countries to participate better in the robust exchange of trade, industry and technology with the rest of the wo and technology with the rest of the world.

The strategic location of Southeast Asia in the world map is a promising scenario. It has always been a gateway to the east and west trades which is able to engage with the surrounding countries to actively participate with a consolidated economic hub that is both viable and sustainable.

The 1967 idea of the ASEAN might have sparked the rise of the European Economic Council/Community (ECC) which established the singular use of the “Euro” as a standard currency which enabled them to strengthen their economic status in the competitive global market.

As we talk about economy, resiliency and innovation can bring a significant feature that embraces a lot of things. There is poverty, hunger, thirst, lack of shelters and unemployment which can be addressed with better and realistic solutions when there is a boom in economic growth.

Growth in economy can be defined as means to a better life. In the course of this life-changing perspective which includes various human needs in agriculture, technology, information, science, health and other necessities in life can be consolidated in a cooperative regional trade and industry.

ASEAN integration is not an elusive dream, it has a vision of its own that will build a better life and future for people that can go beyond language and cultural differences. Let us stand united in support of the ASEAN integration.