Post date: Jan 15, 2014 11:32:01 AM

By Dr. Merlinda T. Tablan, EPS-I

K to 12 Trainings included the teacher as one of its topics of discussion. Indeed, many things have been said about the teacher. There are times teachers of today are being compared with the teachers of yesterday. But is there really a big difference?

The K to 12 Curriculum lined up the qualities it is expecting of the teacher. It involves the physical, intellectual, emotional, notwithstanding the knowledge, skills and attitude the teacher must have. In other words, the curriculum wants the teacher to be prepared and committed to the implementation of the curriculum.

The presence of the various educational tools and resources brought about by technology does not excuse the teacher from half-baked learners. But there is a big challenge for the 21st century teacher to facilitate the learning process in such a way that advancement in technology will be more on the positive side of effects to learners rather than a distraction. Besides, the teacher must be technology-adept because as teachers they must walk their talk.

Great is the expectation of the external stakeholders to teachers. However, one should also remember that teachers are not gadgets that can be pushed and pulled anytime. Like ordinary humans, they have their share of weaknesses and strengths. What is important is that teachers are willing to strengthen these weaknesses and share their strengths.

We have been bombarded by many issues of teachers who are not performing well. Let’s not add to these numbers and perform the best way we can for the sake of our learners who will one day create the future of this nation.

Are you a 21st century teacher?