Post date: Aug 14, 2018 6:03:10 AM


DepEd considers management a paramount importance. There is a vital need to improve office procedure as a major concern in management to address speedy and efficient services to clientele. The office looks forward to effectiveness especially that we are undergoing the ISO process to be fully recognized.

It is also important that we are aware of standards not only of the DedED office but more so of the international scale. To be able to have this status employees should be undergo training to upgrade themselves, tools of management, skills in handling situations. These will upgrade their potentials and skills to perform effectively.

Frontliners personnel should be well equipped with cheerful attitude and courteous manners. A smile is inspiring to our clients, low tone voice in communicating to them will be of course appreciated. The new paradigm includes hiring educationally qualified and experienced-wise. This will ensure management is in good quality employees who are refined in rendering services.

The rule in performance in the office does not lie only to the low-position employees. More responsibilities lie in the heads of units and ultimately to the head of the office. So then they have to design a unified organizational and administrative framework in order to make a good flow of services in the system. This is setting up the management design for the employees to adhere.

Finally there should be a periodic review of performance that constantly monitor the changes and effectiveness of everyone. Setting goals and standards is a great aid in the management.