A Never-Ending Quest

Post date: Oct 23, 2014 7:04:56 AM

By Romalyn Santuyo-Raro


An educator once stated, “True education is a never-ending process.” Thus, the teacher, who is proclaimed as the steward of erudition is obliged to willingly embrace the infinite quest of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, he is bound to take the challenge in taking the young generation to their chosen path- their dreams!

However, the bestowed power to be an educator is not the sole prerequisite of being a good, better, or even the best teacher for these young minds. He must remain hungry and thirsty to continuously combat the inevitable elements that block him from the genuine purpose of his professional venture- to leave a legacy. Nevertheless, a teacher could only do that if he, himself is in his optimum aptness.

With this, my eyes were awakened from its deep slumber. I learned that the zenith aim of my destined vocation should be fulfilled, and that is not only to make them learned but also to lead out the innate prowess that they possess.

I desire to be different. I want to be a medium of self-discovery and self-worth that would unearth their unawakened and undiscovered talents and potentials; a teacher who would hone students to their full potential and someone who would not only make them knowledgeable but also gear them up in the ineluctable adventures of life. Therefore, this would make them holistically prepared and functionally literate. Most importantly, someone who would not only safeguard their success but would also guarantee the goodness of their soul. I don’t aim to create “intellectual monsters”, instead I aspire to mould productive citizens with virtues.

Unfortunately, I could only ensure its triumph if I could already hail myself as an infinite recipient of edification, and that is through wholeheartedly entering another gate of enlightenment.

My psyche is now ready to take the bittersweet challenges of this quest. And I know, this is the first step in leaving prints that would guide them to what their hearts desire. And as for me, a start of an expedition that would make me a better, or maybe the best captain of erudition!